How To Get The Perfect Tan

As the weather is beginning to pick up it’s finally safe for us to say put down that bottle of fakery and step outside. The sun is shining and your tan can officially be natural again. So many people say they fake it because they don’t tan easily, but the truth is they just don’t know how to. This is our 5 step guide to help you achieve the perfect tan.

Step 1 – If you don’t already, exfoliating should become a part of your daily routine at least a week before you plan on hitting the sun lounger to get a tan. By removing the dead skin cells it preps your skin and allows the sun to reach healthy cells, enhancing the tan you want.

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Step 2 – Keeping your skin hydrated before and during the tanning process is important if your trying to avoid burning and your tan turning red and flaking away. Motorised skin tans faster, better and lasts for longer! Using a SPF moisturiser on the face is recommended as an extra layer of protection on such sensitive areas.

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Step 3 – Protect your skin while you tan! So many people refuse to use sun cream, or use a very low factor, as they believe that it acts as a barrier and stops the tanning process. This is not true. Suncream protects the skin from harmful sun rays that can cause long term damage on the skin. Allowing you to still get a tan without directly harming your skin.

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Step 4 – If you’ve spent all day sat in the sun, you have to expect some red bits, your skin needs time to cool down and hydrate. A cooling moisturiser gel is the best feeling after a day of tanning. Especially if it is kept in the fridge.

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Step 5 – Preserve your well earned tan with an aftersun moisturiser. Use continuously after sun exposure to ensure your skin stays well hydrated and cooled.

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It should be noted that there will never be a ‘safe’ way to tan. Please be careful in the sun, keep protected, don’t spend too long in direct sunlight and drink plenty of water this summer.