J.Lindeberg High Summer/ pre-Fall 17 Collection

So here we are, that time of year when the UK gets a surge of heat from the Continent and we are all left wondering how we should dress for the commute and a day at the office.


Fear not, because we have a selection of remedies from J.Lindeberg, for men aiming to look cool, despite feeling over-heated and for when it all turns sour. Swedish fashion house J.Lindeberg’s High Summer/pre-Fall 17 collection aims to cater for that casual weekend/holiday look, which is quite adaptable for summer in any city.

Taking in bold and intricate prints across shorts, T-shirts and shirts, layering is again key for that finished look, matching traditional colour-ways with more striking reds and oranges and incorporating short-sleeve options. Light-weight cotton trousers and shorts in navy have a generic appeal with suiting kept simple and light with cropped trousers and jackets across colour-ways including navy, burnt orange and grey.


For when the weather inevitably takes a downturn, as it will, the collection captures lightweight rain-proof jackets with or without hoods, as well as casual bombers, effortless light knitwear and shirting fit for those humid but smarter occasions.

Please visit jlindberg.com for further information.