J.W.Anderson x Printed Matter

Innovative fashion brand J.W.Anderson Workshops are collaborating with New York publisher Printed Matter Inc. to create an hand-made conceptual art book named ‘Blue Icons’ by artist Dan Walsh.

Blue Icon is available in two variations, Blue Icon Day edition and Blue Icon Night edition- which each offer a slightly different take on a project first created by Walsh in 2013.

Made up of thirty-two pages, Blue Icon (Day Edition) explores ‘a minimalist conceit shaped by two progressions of form’. Each page of the book is trimmed to a different size and consists of small dots which show the transgression of the colour spectrum from green to violet-blue made to represent an approaching dusk sky. When opened at its centre, the book’s pages fall in ascending order with the colours radiating outwards.

Blue Icon (Day Edition) is impressive with its exploration of composition, colour and texture however it becomes ever more iconic when we realize that the works takes inspiration from the renowned logo of American film production studio Columbia Pictures, but uniquely focuses on the blank space of the logo rather than its female subject.

The second version of the book- Blue Icon (Night Edition) – shifts the halftone shades of the Blue Icon (Day Edition) into the page background and places black dots in the foreground. The end result is a new view of an approaching dusk transformed into a dark night time sky.

Both Blue Icon books are digitally printed, hand-stitched with tape cloth binding and hosts of a foil stamped cover. Each edition will be sold exclusively in the UK at J.W.Anderson Workshops with a RRP of $35-$100.