Lab Series Instant Skin Booster

In order to succeed in business, one must make sacrifices, and these take their toll – be it long lunches in the city or late nights entertaining clients, or perhaps taking the red eye after sealing the deal in New York.  It is a gentleman’s skin that bears the brunt of these exertions; irritation, puffiness, and redness are all concerns of the modern man. Yet, personal appearance must be upheld.

Lab Series Skincare for Men introduces Lab Series Instant Skin Booster a proven, high tech serum that improves the look of worn out, tired skin. Taking a two-pronged “inside and outside” approach utilising new advanced Firmaboost and C.R.I.S complexes from the Lab Series team: ensuring skin looks and feels refreshed and tightened.

Dispensed carefully through a dropper, the cool soothing serum applies cleanly and smoothly to the face with no residual stickiness, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and alert as well as diminishing the look of puffiness around the eyes, and reducing the appearance of redness.

Perfect first thing in the morning to calm any irritation after a shave or even mid-afternoon for a pre meeting pick me up. The serum fragrance is incredibly subtle so there is no danger that it will clash with a quick splash of your favourite scent.

The compact bottle makes for an ideal travel companion that is equally at home on a long-haul flight as stowed away in your kit bag. A must have in today’s fast moving world where appearance counts.