Lacoste Polo Shirt of the Future

French fashion brand Lacoste, 80 years young in 2013 are paying tribute to their founder René Lacoste by taking his most notable invention; the L.12.12 polo shirt, into the future.

Lacoste Polo Shirt of the Future

In the mid-20s, tennis legend René Lacoste manufactured his own shirts to withstand the heat on American tennis courts, essentially inventing the L.12.12 polo shirt. He signed each with the crocodile emblem, marking the birth of a new genre of clothing and a new way of communicating. 1933 saw industrial scale production of the L.12.12 polo shirt; L for Lacoste, 1 refers to the Cotton Petit Piqué fabric, 2 to the Short Sleeve style, and 12 to the number of prototypes made before René Lacoste gave his approval.

Yesterday; 12/12/12, Lacoste unveiled a film featuring the polo shirt in the future where textile technology has no limits.

Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.