LEPSI Watch Scope

Being a men’s lifestyle blog, we naturally put on focus on horology- be it a nouveau, trendy Uniform Wares watch or a classic Rolex Submariner. Anyone who has invested wisely in an expensive watch will or at least should be aware that proper care is the key to longevity. Regular servicing, a special draw or even case for watches and regular automatic winding.


On this front, we introduce the LEPSI Watch Scope– a watch analyser for smartphones and tablets. Developed in Geneva, Switzerland, naturally, by a technical team that has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious watch brands- passing quality tests of some of the most renowned Swiss watch manufacturers.


The LEPSI Watch Scope is designed to measure the performance of a mechanical watch including rate variation, amplitude, and beat error in seconds and with exceptional accuracy via technology and the smallest chronocomparator ever made.


Connect the LEPSI Watch Scope to your smartphone or tablet, click Start, and the Watch Analyser will take care of the rest. Your smartphone or tablet will then calibrate against the atomic clock, accurate to 0.1 second per day (s/d) when measuring your timepiece’s accuracy rate. Data can be recorded for a full watch collection, if you’re fortunate enough to have more than one exotic timepiece and it will record all measurements in searchable a database, meaning you can follow each of your timepieces over the years and detect when each should be serviced. It can be used in multiple positions and is the only watch analyser able to measure your watch while being worn.


While good timepieces do often keep exceptional time, even the finest Swiss made pieces can suffer. The LEPSI Watch Scope not only monitors your timepieces time accuracy but also, as aforementioned- if your timepiece is consistently struggling to maintain accurate time it’s a handy alert to suggest that you’re timepiece is ready for a service. If you’ve paid out £6,500 for a Rolex Submariner, an investment in a LEPSI Watch Scope at circa £240 is more than a worthy investment.


The LEPSI Watch Scope retails at a price of CHF 369.00.

We partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is ours.