Designer fashion brand, L’Estrange London are helping the evolution of male fashion with their updated take on the ‘smart causal’ style.

SS16_HJ_Marmi Stripe_Black_Cover.jpg

Following the realisation that success no longer requires a suit, tie and jacket; L’Estrange London have designed a selection of clothing suitable for all situations. This new range has been carefully designed to allow its customers to both work and play hard without having to compromise on style and comfort.

SS16_HJ_Marmi Stripe_Black_H2.jpg

First on their agenda was developing the hoodie into a sharp, stylish piece suitable for both casual and formal affairs. By combining the comfort of cotton with a tailored cut and a finely polished Italian trim, the result is a smart casual jacket perfect for the modern man.

L'E Shop _ Soho.jpg

However, this is just the first step in redesigning the popular smart casual style and L’Estrange London have plenty more ideas lined up. So if you want formal style with casual flair then this could be the collection you’ve been waiting for.