Luca Faloni – Timeless Menswear, Handcrafted In Italy

There appears to be a wave of upstart back to basics, affordable fashion brands- think Everlane, Velasca and Suit Supply for instance. The promise is craftsmanship, contemporary design and affordability. There is transparency, the ridding of a ‘middleman’ and online-only which factor in too. The result is mixed- some good, some bad and some worse. The good however are certainly worth considering, and Luca Faloni is one of them.

The founder of Luca Faloni, is Luca Faloni. An Italian gentleman who grew up in the midst of the fabric mills and artisanal craftsmanship of Turin, Northern Italy. This was the basis for his brand- where Italian craftsmanship is fused with contemporary style and sold online only via the brands’ own website.

The collection consists of wardrobe staples such as cashmere knitwear, cotton piqué polo shirts, brushed cotton and linen shirts, vegetable-tanned travel bags and stylish accessories. The intention- designs that never go out of fashion, in a modern and comfortable fit.

Our pick for the summer are the Luca Faloni Linen Shirts, priced from just £115 they feature Portofino Collection shirts with signature ‘paramontura’ collar for lasting shape and a classic look, and the Versilia collection with a band collar for a casual yet stylish look and Forte, a more adventurous offering. All shirts feature mother of pearl buttons and are available in a variety of blue, green, white and grey colour-ways.

Each item is 100% Made in Italy using local artisans and family-run businesses, from regions known for their expertise in each particular area of manufacture. Examples include vegetable-tanned leather from Santa Croce, Cariaggi cashmere and linen from the oldest Italian Mills in Bergamo, Northern Italy.

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