Luxury Wardrobe Care For Gentlemen: 7 Items That Will Prolong Your Garments

So, you’ve curated the perfect capsule wardrobe complete with all the usual suspects: unstructured blazers, Oxford shirts, tailored trousers, Goodyear-welted shoes et al. But now you’ve invested good money into clothing designed to stand the test of time, it’s important to consider what you can do to help it last as long as possible.

From buying hangers specifically designed to extend the life of your suits, to investing in high-quality storage solutions for your delicate items, there are a number of ways you can go about preserving your slow-fashion pieces.

Specialising in high-end wardrobe care, London-based Arterton offers beautifully-made wooden clothes valets, beechwood garment brushes and waxed cotton garment bags. In short, the type of things you need to protect and maintain your hard-earned investments. Not sure where to begin? These are Ape’s recommendations.

Nakata Suit Hanger

There are suit hangers, and then there are suit hangers. Falling firmly into the latter camp, this exquisite example from Nakata is made by hand in Japan from European beechwood, boasting a sleek, sophisticated look befitting of your equally well-cut tailoring.

It’s the same hanger you’ll find in a number of the bespoke houses on London’s esteemed Savile Row, so you will be in rarefied company. And it’s easy to see why some of the finest tailoring institutions in the world would use the AUT-03: with additional contouring around the neck and shoulder bars, coupled with a wider than usual trouser bar, this hanger allows your favourite suit to hang cleanly and crease-free, preserving its integrity and extending its lifespan. It’s a must-own for any sartorialist.

Personalised engraving is also offered on every Nakata product, meaning you can make your hangers as individual as your wardrobe.

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Arterton Signature Garment Bag

When travelling for business or simply storing your suit at home, a garment bag is essential. This version by Arterton, crafted from 12oz waxed cotton, does an excellent job at keeping your out-of-season clothing dust and crease free thanks to its double-zip opening, while the optional bridle leather handle makes transporting your wardrobe a breeze.

Most importantly, it’s breathable, unlike cheaper plastic alternatives, and thanks to its tight seal it helps protect against moth damage, so you can store your precious cashmere and wool knitwear in confidence.

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Arterton by Nakata Signature Shirt Hanger

Nakata has been producing its unique hangers in Japan since 1946, using the same traditional Japanese techniques and luxurious materials including beechwood and solid, gold-toned stainless steel.

Whereas inferior hangers can damage clothing and even alter the shape of a garment’s shoulders, this signature shirt hanger does the opposite. It’s designed specifically for hanging shirts, with the thickness of the shoulder areas engineered to support all manner of styles, from classic Oxfords through to more loosely woven polos.

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Nakata Trouser Hangers

You might not have considered buying hangers specifically for your trousers, but you should. Make do with a regular hanger and you’ll find creases where you don’t want them, causing potentially excessive wear on the trousers’ fold point.

Nakata’s AUT-07G alleviates this issue once and for all. Designed to clamp trousers at the cuff, meaning they hang upside down, it allows creases to fall out naturally with the aid of gravity. Made from the Japanese brand’s signature beechwood with a quality stainless steel mechanism, the clamps are lined with soft felt which ensures the grip is firm but gentle against the fabric.

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Nakata Valet Stand

A valet stand might just be the one item you didn’t know your wardrobe needed. Made in Japan, this Nakata example boasts contoured shoulder bars, which help maintain your blazer’s shape, while the built in shoe rack features raised edges, allowing both the uppers and soles of your shoes to breathe in-between wears.

Beautifully crafted from European beechwood with stainless steel fittings, it will take pride of place in your bedroom or walk-in closet. A true marriage of form and function.

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Clothes Doctor Beechwood Comb

Soft, delicate fibres such as cashmere and merino wool are among the most luxurious when it comes to knitwear, but they need looking after to keep them at their best.

This beechwood comb does exactly that, with its soft natural bristles gently removing dirt and dust. Before storing your knitwear away, simply brush from the top of the garment down in the same direction, this reduces the need for wet washing and therefore extends its lifespan.

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Nakata Tie Hanger

If you work in a corporate environment or are an avid tie wearer, you’ll know the pain of trying to find the right one amidst the other dozen you have draped around the same wardrobe hanger.

What you need is a dedicated tie hanger, like this one from Nakata, which features six fully rotatable holders made from solid steel. It makes getting dressed for formal occasions a breeze, while simultaneously allowing your ties to decrease and breathe after a long day – particularly important for canvas designs.

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Charlie Thomas

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