Marvis Travel Collection

The Marvis formula helps prevent tooth decay, fights tartar and plaque and keeps breath fresh all day long. Housed in the distinctive colourful Marvis tubes, with elegantly sculpted caps, the fantastic tasting, rich and creamy toothpastes will leave your teeth thoroughly clean and protected. Based out of the enchanting and historic region of Florence, Italy – Marvis Toothpaste products began popping up in boutique style perfume shops in the mid 70’s creating the mysterious allure they continue to experience even today.

New from Marvis is the Toothpaste Flavour Collection – a stylish collection of all seven Marvis Mint Toothpastes, in 25ml tubes. Creating an ideal gift or starter pack, for those curious to try the entire Marvis Mint range, it’s also great for a family that can’t collectively decide on just one of the great Marvis flavours. 7 x 25ml- housed in a clear plastic presentation box.

Available from MANKIND