Make Do And Mend: 6 Men’s Fashion Brands That Offer Repair Services

A good rule of thumb for knowing whether an investment piece is a certified investment piece is to consider how long it will last. So many items of clothing we buy rarely last a couple of washes before they begin to deteriorate and with the world’s eyes firmly on the environmental impact of fashion, it’s worth keeping in mind how you can make your clothes last longer.

As well as a visit to a tailor or seamstress, many modern brands offer in-house repair services for their products. For less than the price of buying a new garment and without the environmental impact, you can mend and refresh your clothes, doing your part. Here’s a round-up of menswear brands that offer repair services to beloved garments.


The iconic Barbour jacket will always be a garment worth holding on to. Older waxed jackets seem to carry that extra bit of charm and character once they’ve moulded to their respective owner, taken a bit of a battering from the elements and faded a little.

That being said, you don’t want one where your keys fall out of the pockets and water seeps through the shoulder. What’s great about a Barbour jacket – aside from it being a certified icon – is you can send it back to Barbour to be mended. Not only that, Barbour also sell tins of wax so that you can easily re-wax your jacket at home.

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Crockett & Jones

Aside from the significant jump in quality that Goodyear-welted shoes provide over cheaper glued-on-sole versions, the ability to have them resoled every now and again is another clear advantage.

Many of the world-famous Northamptonshire shoemakers offer refurbishment services for their shoes, but we’ve got a soft spot for Crockett & Jones. Repairs take place in the same historic factory in which the brand has been making shoes for over a century and, needless to say, the quality is exceptional.

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With environmentalism so ingrained in the culture of the brand, it’s no surprise that Patagonia have taken it upon themselves to provide an expansive repairs service for their impressive range of garments. Already home to a wide variety of clothing made from recycled materials, Patagonia offer a reasonably-priced repairs service and encourage recycling used or unusable garments wherever possible.

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The people behind heritage American brand Filson know their garments are often worn in the rugged outdoors and thus they might need repairs now and again.

Even though Filson stand by their garments and their guarantee covers failure of material, failure of craftsmanship, defects and the item itself for a lifetime, they still offer repairs where possible and it’s heartening to know they prioritise function over aesthetics when fixing garments.

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Nudie Jeans

Jeans should be hardwearing. Avoid washing them too much – inside out if possible to avoid fading – and spot clean where necessary. The good news is if you’ve invested in a pair of Nudie Jeans, you’ve got multiple options to repair them. Take them into repair shops and pop-ups, call in their mobile repair station, take them into a certified repair partner or, if you’re in an especially remote location, order a free repair kit.

Nudie even use old jeans sent in by customers for repair patches.

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Primarily known as a surf brand, Finisterre is very much of the Patagonia ilk when it comes to protecting the environment. The last thing Finisterre wants is unwanted material turning up in the sea. Their Lived & Loved Repairs Service has been a fundamental part of the brand from the beginning and their online form is simple to fill out with the garment usually repaired and returned within three-to-six weeks.

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