Mondaine Watches by Ape

Photography by Ape to Gentleman

This story starts with a Swiss Engineer and Designer employed by the Federal Swiss Railways named Hans Hilfiker- who in 1944, created a clock which became known as the Official Swiss Railways Clock. A station clock, located across all Swiss railway stations, it has since become iconic and a symbol of the super reliable Swiss Railways. The clock became more recognisable with it’s ‘final’ iconic design, when in 1953, Hilfiker added a red second hand in the shape of a railway guard’s signalling disc.


We had to wait until 1986 however, for the Bernheim family to turn the clock into a wristwatch via the Mondaine company, and under official licence from the Federal Swiss Railways. Since, the Mondaine wristwatch has become iconic thanks to a variety of unique accolades; the Mondaine clock being a favoured meeting point at Zurich’s main station or multiple awards, for the wristwatch. It’s made in Switzerland technology and historic past add to the brands desirability, along with it’s simplistic style.


In 2001 Mondaine launched the modern yet classic EVO line of wristwatches- with a gently rounded case and slightly-domed mineral crystal display- it cemented Mondaine as an icon of design, function and elegance. Our favourite is the Mondaine Evo Big (pictured) which is based on the classic design, in a large watchcase and highly visible dial and date. It’s an updated classic encompassing all the best parts of Mondaine’s heritage.

Evo Big Date Watch, £219 from WATCHSHOP.COM

Chris Beastall

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