Mr Black Garment Essentials: revolutionising garment care

No-one likes doing the laundry. Even more so when you have to wash valuable clothes, weighing up whether to take them to the dry cleaner or risk washing them yourself. Enter garment refreshing brand Mr Black Garment Essentials who offer a range of products that aide in the care of your beloved clothes. Mr Black’s also has eco-freindly principles where they’ve replaced harsh chemicals normally found in cleaning detergents with natural, plant-based biodegradable ingredients – helping you to do your bit for the earth as well as your clothes.

Some may be familiar with Denim Refresh –  one of the founding products of Mr Black’s along with the Denim Wash which we featured a few years ago – perfect for selvedge denim and indigo wash jeans where you want to retain as much indigo as possible for the longest amount of time, without the need to machine wash. Denim Refresh keeps the hold of the dye in the jeans while maintaining its colour intensity.
Now, after further development, Mr Black’s has extended the Refresh range which now includins the likes of Sports Wash and Refresh products as well as Wool and Cashmere Wash and Refresh amongst others.

Cotton and Linen Refresh & Wash will ensure your favourite linen jacket or t-shirt stays in pristine condition 

Made with a unique natural formula that penetrates deep into the fabric weaves, the the sprays act to clean, refresh and prevent stains from setting in. Designed to help you wash less, Mr. Black Refresh products can significantly reduce your weekly water consumption – not to mention your dry cleaning bill. Unlike standard detergents, that expose every garment to hard stain-removal enzymes – causing shrinkage, fading and fraying – Mr Black’s enzyme-free and biodegradable formulas care for your clothes, significantly extending the life of your favourite garments while kindly reducing the size of your laundry basket.

Our personal favourite is the Sports Refresh spray – the perfect accompaniment to your sports bag if you go to the cycle to work or go to the gym during your lunch break. With a quick spray with Sports Refresh will prevent your sweaty sports clothes from smelling by neaturalising sweat odours while also killing bacteria.

Following on from that is the Shoe Refresh and Shoe Cleaner. The Shoe Cleaner solution quickly dissolves grime and dirt while removing scuff marks and rejuvenates shoes bringing them back to premium condition. The Shoe Refresh spray is made with a double strength formula that attacks and kills bacteria causing odours that develop in footwear. Made with added eucalyptus oil, it doesn’t just mask odours, it neutralises and eradicates them to prevent them from returning.

Mr Black’s Leather Cleaner – ideal for cleaning leather bags and jackets
Mr Black’s Shoe Refresh and Shoe Cleaner – perfect for treating summer shoes and sports sneakers

Mr Black’s full product range includes;
Denim Wash (250ml) – £13.50
Denim Refresh (250ml) – £13.50
Shoe Cleaner (125ml) – £9.95
Shoe Refresh (125ml) – £9.95
Cotton and Linen Wash (500ml) – £13.50
Cotton and Linen Refresh (125ml) – £9.95
Wool and Cashmere Wash (500ml) – £13.50
Wool and Cashmere Refresh (125ml) – £9.95
Delicate Wash (500ml) – £13.50
Delicate Refresh (500ml) – £9.95
Dark Wash (500ml) – £13.50
White Wash (500ml) – £13.50
Regular Wash (500ml) – £13.50
Sport Wash (500ml) – £13.50
Sport Refresh (125ml) – £9.95
Leather Cleaner (125ml) – £9.95

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