Mühle Fibre Innovation

Mühle, the German manufacturer of shaving razors, brushes and accessories has long been our favourite brand in this sector. They straddle the divide of traditional and contemporary perfectly. On that note, brands such as Merkur are fast falling behind Mühle, stuck in their archaic ways and not innovating or modernising.

The best example of Mühle’s progression is this new Silvertip Shaving Brush- a world first, made with premium-quality, long-lasting synthetic fibres. Suitable for vegans and those opposed to badger hair brushes, Mühle have created a low-maintenance alternative.

Made with hand processed fibres, the brush provides soft tips but a firm middle section. A very small amount of shaving soap or cream will produce a rich lather, and the brush dries quickly after use. Take a look at the video below, which conveys the passion for innovation running through the veins of Mühle.