Mühle Hexagon Shaving Collection

Nothing adds to your bathroom style like shaving accessory from Germany based Mühle. Known for crafting precision implements with a focus on design, its safety razors in particular have become somewhat of an icon. New for 2017 is the Hexagon range of products- the spawn of a collaboration between Mühle and renowned Berlin designer Mark Braun.


The result- expertly proportioned shaving implements with an hexagonal profile. A tasty mix of contemporary design with traditional yet practical elements to ensure ergonomics, grip, and functionality. A design approach for which Mark Braun has already won many awards.

Features include a new matt metallic finish on the handle, which is engraved in an understated Myriad Pro font, alongside the signature Mühle chrome-plated finish. Colours include Graphite, Forest and Bronze- earthy tones which reference the Erzgebirge, a hilly no-man’s-land between Saxony and Bohemia, where shaving culture has made its home.

Hexagon Collection, from £45.50 at MÜHLE