A Better Shave with MÜHLE ROCCA

Muhle Safety Razor ROCCA

An Introduction to Safety Razors

For those of you who enjoy traditional shaving methods you’ll be familiar with our guide on How to Shave with a Double-Edged Safety Razor. While the FMCG shaving giants have gone on to produce five, six or even seven blade razors, there is a growing collective of shaving stalwarts who prefer a traditional safety razor. The collective consists of gentlemen who have always used a safety razor, joined by an ever-growing number of gentlemen who are turning their backs on the marketing giants in favour of tradition. And not only for tradition, nor nostalgia or fashion – the reason men are coming back to safety razors are for the multitude of benefits. These include a closer shave, a smoother shave and much more affordable razor blades.

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Leading the Charge

Leading the charge in traditional double-edged safety razors is German shaving brand MÜHLE. A medium-sized company based in Stützengrün, Saxony – who have a genuine passion for wet shaving. MÜHLE has been owner-managed – now in the third generation – since 1945, with each generation dedicated to producing the very highest quality. Everything is crafted in-house including design and production.

MÜHLE ROCCA shaving brush


Diving deeper into the MÜHLE offering and its latest creation is the ROCCA series. A collection of intentionally simple, yet particularly masculine products. Modern, and a little more distinctive than traditional MÜHLE, we tried the safety razor and shaving brush made from the finest and most durable stainless steel in a satin or slightly matt finish. They not only feel great in the hand, but also look superb and upgrade any bathroom with a touch of shaving style you can’t find anywhere else.

The R96 MÜHLE ROCCA Stainless Steel/ Black Safety Razor specifically has an ergonomic shape and grippy handle – a modern interpretation of the knurl on the handle of a classic safety razor. That honeycomb-like structure provides an eye-catching contrast to the satin-finished stainless steel, and excellent grip. Measuring in at 41mm x 105mm and 80g it’s optimally sized and feels reassuringly solid in the hand, delivering a first class shave courtesy of the rust-proof MÜHLE razor blades.

We used the R96 razor in combination with the 091M96 MÜHLE ROCCA Stainless Steel/ Black Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush. Crafted with silvertip badger hair noted for its soft, flexible nature and water retention properties – capable of generating a dense, creamy lather. MÜHLE tell us this shaving brush is manufactured using historical tools with artisanal methods, mastered by only a few specialists worldwide. The result is a semi-circular shaped brush head which is created by hand when binding, leaving only the fine tips which do not require trimming and where natural softness of the hair is retained. Again, measuring in at 57mm x 32mm (handle) and 120g with the same colour scheme as the razor, it looks, feels and performs superbly.

Next Steps

By now I feel I’ve done enough to convince you to give a safety razor a try. For closeness and value there really is nothing that beats it. If you’re a regular user of safety razors already then take a look at the MÜHLE ROCCA series for it really doesn’t get much more handsome. A great place to start for the safety razor beginner and an upgrade for the seasoned safety razor aficionados.

Visit muehle-shaving.co.uk/rocca for more information and to buy.

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