A gentleman can never have too many pairs of denim in his wardrobe. The platform for many a classic outfit, jeans have styles have evolved over the years but the essence of great denim remains the same. Gone are the days when you’d buy your Levi’s and sit in the bath waiting for them to mould around you, nowadays online retailers such as my-wardrobe.com offer a selection of denim styles and washes to cater for most modern Gents (or Ape’s for that matter). In recognition of the importance of denim my-wardrobe have announced the launch of their very own Denim Bar.

To promote the Denim Bar launch this week my-wardrobe are holding an URBAN DENIM DASH in London from 12-3pm tomorrow (Tuedsday 25th May) afternoon. 5 pairs of jeans will be hidden in 5 locations around London.

My-wardrobe are feeding out clues to the locations today and tomorrow in preparation for the DASH starting at 12. As an added bonus, the jeans once found entitle the winner to a pair of tickets to the VIP launch party on Wednesday evening. Clues to the first 3 locations have gone up already, to find out more and get your free jeans visit:


Good Hunting Gents.