Ape to Gentleman on living with a Philips OLED+ 903 4K Television

Just when you thought the OLED series couldn’t be bettered, Bowers & Wilkins add a remarkable audio boost to phenomenal visuals, making the Philips OLED+ 903 4K a truly immersive TV experience.

Stunning Picture Quality

Whether this is your debut on the 4K TV circuit or you’re upgrading from a different model, the moment you turn the OLED+ 903 on – it feels different.

Vibrant (but not washed out) colours, a tack sharp picture and remarkable contrast make for an incomparable viewing experience straight out of the box. It’s the smaller details however, that set this TV apart. A better viewing angle, extra detail in deep shadows and enhanced colours with no sign of burnout all combine and thanks to the impressive P5 Processing Engine, details are reproduced with an accuracy approaching that of the human eye. Consider that for a second. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never watch TV in the same way ever again.

Philips Ambilight makes a real difference too. A softer, customisable glow that extends from the side of the screen makes the picture feel bigger. It’s kinder on the eyes when bingeing on successive episodes or longer blockbusters but also adds to the cinema feeling. It’s a feature that makes such a notable difference when gaming or watching a film.

An Innovative Sound Upgrade

On first glance, such a modest speaker shouldn’t produce such explosive sound, but thanks to the work of British hi-fi experts Bowers & Wilkins, the sleek felt-covered soundbar running flush along the bottom of the set provides phenomenal sound quality.

Industry-renowned drive unit technology combined with high-quality cabinet construction makes for clean, rich and immersive sound, packing a surprising punch for such an unsuspecting unit. With a soundbar so impressive, don’t be surprised if you find yourself using it for music purposes too. Varying sound modes only heighten the audio experience and frankly, it makes music feel like three rows from the front at a concert.

A Stylish, High-performance Package

The OLED+ 903 doesn’t lack in the style stakes either. There’s no trade off here. Thin, sleek and beautifully designed, it makes for a wonderfully minimal addition to the room. And despite its elegance, still feels robust and sturdy.

The remote follows suit (a slim metallic wand with minimal fuss), opening up a world of Android TV with a host of internal apps (including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube) as well as Bluetooth, Wifi and HDMI connectivity. Google Assistant is immediately available and you can connect to your smart phone with ease.

As far as 4K televisions go, the OLED+ 903 feels like a case of before and after. Once you’ve experienced it, you become accustomed to a heightened level of quality. Few TV experiences are able to provide such a treat for both the eyes and ears.


Visit philips.co.uk for more information and to buy.

Chris Beastall

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