Parissa – Home Waxing

Body hair has always been a point of contention in the men’s grooming arena – is it okay for a man to reveal his hairy back on the beach, should he wax his chest? One thing we can all agree on, waxing your hair feet is acceptable. Maybe you’re a sportsman, a swimmer or cyclist perhaps – and benefit from a hairless torso. Vanity or function, there’s no right or wrong – and as we’ve preached before, whatever makes you happy is the answer.

One things for sure though, if you choose to use an at home waxing solution – Parissa is the brand to choose. It’s the only natural and premium men’s hair removal brand in the world, with all their formulations being of salon quality and made to exacting, eco-friendly standards.

Parissa have created a variety of male waxing solutions, all of which are gentle yet effective, and safe for all skin types. Their motto is ‘Clean & Simple’ – gentle on skin, tough on hair. Of course you can choose to shave your body hair, either with a wet razor or an electric pair of clippers – but the problem is, you’re always left with irritating stubble and almost instant re-growth. Waxing produces smooth results which lasts for weeks.

We’ve been trialling the Parissa range over the summer and it couldn’t be easier, more convenient and less salon-scary than any other hair removal solution. Each product has photo guides, with step by step instructions.


  • Men’s Warm Wax with Tea Tree £12.99 – a complete home waxing kit, microwaveable.
  • Men’s Wax Strips with Tea Tree £12.99 – just apply the strips to hair, and pull off.
  • Men’s Brow Groomer Wax Strips £7.99 – small strips for removing unwanted eyebrow hair.
  • Azulene Oil Aftercare £7.99 – use after waxing for a soothing moisturising effect.


Each of the body waxing kits contain 20 waxing strips, and associated necessities – at just £12.99, it’s thoroughly affordable. We found 5 strips enough to remove medium thickness hair from a covered chest. The Azulene Oil Aftercare solution is incredible too; super-soothing.

The whole process couldn’t be easier – particularly as we envisaged it being messy, tricky to use and expensive. The natural nature of the ingredients, means less irritation too – and you can set the heat of the wax to your decided temperature, far better than red hot, chemical ridden salon options.


  • Wax when hair growth is at 1/4″ (1/2 cm) long.
  • Avoid waxing irritated, or extremely sensitive skin.
  • Avoid heavy sun exposure immediately before of after waxing.
  • Spread wax on hair, and pull strip off in the opposite direction to hair growth.