Pelota Sporting Clothiers – Menswear For #AprèsSport

Image Credit: Charlie Thomas

Greek philosopher Plato once said, “the first and best victory is to conquer self”. It refers to a strength of mind: a win over negative thoughts, a triumph of self-belief and positivity. While Plato wasn’t specifically referring to the clothes on your back, studies have shown that feeling comfortable and stylish in the clothing you wear plays a role in self-confidence.

And new menswear brand Pelota, operating under a ‘Sporting Clothiers’ moniker, has moulded every facet of Plato’s quote into its brand DNA.


The brand’s premise centres on stylish comfort. The garments – all constructed using organic cotton, recycled materials and vegan friendly sources – are primarily designed to be worn after sport, or “that period of time when a sportsman’s endeavour ends and social life begins”. Whether that means a well-mannered post-match drink with your opponent or meeting friends for lunch, this is multipurpose athleisure that’s able to adapt to any environment.

The Pelota fit is athletic yet forgiving, making these pieces as comfortably worn at home as they are roaming the streets of the world’s style-setting and pace-setting cities.

Collection One

In a world where brands are screaming for attention and logomania is rife, it’s great to see Pelota taking a minimalist approach to branding. By keeping the collection pared-back and understated, Pelota lets the quality of the garments take centre stage, ensuring versatility and enabling them to slot seamlessly into your day-to-day wardrobe.

With further collections already in the pipeline, each inspired by some of the world’s finest ball sports and sporting events, we look forward to seeing how this fledgling brand evolves.

It’s also worth noting that Pelota offer free shipping worldwide.