Philips Friends of Hue

With the evolution of time comes the continued advancement of technology. In today’s day and age we are playing host to smarter gadgets that aim to gratify and ease our day-to-day existence. Spearheading the smart lighting revolution is tech giant Philips.

Through the launch of Friends of Hue – LivingColors Bloom and Lightstrips, Philips amplify the ways in which we experience lighting – from fully functional smartphone controls to complimentary home entertainment ambience. The possibilities truly are vast.

The LivingColors Bloom Friends of Hue is a highly intelligent, compact fixture when connected to the Philips Hue app; taking on a personality all of its own. With a swipe of the finger, users are afforded 16 million ways to light their homes. Whether you choose to colour-match light to a specific mood, add accent colours to an open space, or wash a wall with stunning shades, LivingColors Bloom fails to disappoint. With nifty Hue enabled geofencing capabilities, your smart device can even detect your whereabouts as you approach home to turn on your very own “welcome home” shade of choice.

Lightstrips Friends of Hue are flexible 2m strips that can easily bend and twist to highlight a focal fixture whilst adding a personalised lighting touch. With a plethora of colours to choose from, let your creative prowess run wild as you forge striking features to a much-loved architectural piece or place under a sofa for a uniquely enhanced living experience.

“At Philips our core focus has always been to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation and we believe we have done just that by expanding the infinite possibilities of hue through Friends of hue.” Sridhar Kumaraswamy – GM, Philips Consumer Luminaries

Android and iOS friendly, the Ambilight Friends of Hue app is a monumental leap forward in terms of household lighting – forever changing the way we view this no-longer overlooked necessity. The future of light is looking bright.