Royal Salute x Gaucho Polo

Polo, although rightly or wrongly associated with the upper classes – is a sport of great technical ability, vision and accuracy. While many are aware of the game, few understand its true complexities.

So, in an attempt to bring it the masses, the 02 hosted an evening of horse-driven adventure between the Scot’s and their Mexican counterparts. Despite the Scottish losing 10 – 11, there were still a crowd of happy faces thanks to the leaders of the scotch whisky family, Royal Salute, meaning their evening was filled not with winning – but with the most delightful of blends.

Encased within a wholesome and weighty bottle, its contents contains whiskies that have matured for a minimum of 21 years (unlike many of its competitors). The end result is delicate on the palette and bold in its delivery. Perfect for an evening tipple, regardless of the day’s achievements.

Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.