Samsung x Bouroullec Serif TV

Respected designers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, have partnered with Samsung to create the iconic Samsung Serif TV – a television set to challenge the way we view its standing in domestic environment.

Breaking away from the current infatuation with ultra-flat screens, Samsung Serif TV spearheads a new concept of television that is firmly rooted to the world of the living. With the best Samsung technology, Samsung Serif TV provides consumers with a more elegant viewing experience by being designed to sit naturally within the home.

Many ideas were explored, and step-by-step they arrived to the logic of Serif: a TV defined by a frame that outlines the screen. Seen from the front, Samsung Serif TV is defined by a single, seamless frame, one colour and one shape. In profile, it forms a clear capital “I” shape, its slim body broadening to form a shelf- like surface at the top. The design means it can stand seamlessly in the home by resting on its own base. Its attachable legs allow it to be placed on the floor or the centre of the room, allowing its placement to be moved and manipulated to suit the situation.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec were keen to take an abstract to approach the design, working in their own way without intervention, and were given license by Samsung to develop the user interface.

A woven fabric panel slots into place to conceal the connectors on the back of the television, making it work in three dimensions and room positioning. The pattern of the fabric, designed to emulate the effect of curtain mode, is colour matched to the colour of the TV.