SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence

As we age the characteristics of youthfulness drain away from our skin with a visible loss in firmness, clarity and radiance Combine this with an enlargement of pores and a deepening of lines, the result is the development of an inherent dullness. This fact is scientifically supported by research highlighting a distinct tipping point once a man enters his 30’s.

To counter this age-old problem, and with summer in full flow and predicted temperatures set to be high – SK-II, the Procter & Gamble Beauty brand, launched in 1980 in Japan, often considered one of the most expensive beauty brands in the world, has introduced a new flagship product designed to counter the drying of one’s skin and ensure the vivacity remains.

SK-II’s first foray into the men’s skincare market, arrives in the form of a Facial Treatment Essence designed to, “transform the skin” using a selection of the finest ingredients on the market.

Facial Treatment Essence is designed to target five dimensions: texture, radiance, firmness, discoloration and wrinkle resilience, with a view to delivering brighter, firmer and more toned skin, within two weeks.

Results are everything within the competitive men’s grooming market and key to the success. Almost all SK-II products include naturally fermented PiteraTM which contains over 50 micro-ingredients. It was created to maintain a healthy skin barrier function in warm, dry weather to ensure the skin remains hydrated and feels firm.


Combining over 90 per cent PiteraTM with notable refreshing ingredients the essence delivers a cool, calming and smooth finish and, when applied twice daily to the face and neck area, should deliver visible results from one day to the next, with a noticeable reduction in wrinkles achieved within 28 days.

Priced at £120 for 215ml from, it’s certainly placed in the upper-end of the men’s skin care market. We are yet to test the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – but will report back with our findings when we have done so.