Sol de Janeiro Sun Care

From Beach to Sol de Janeiro

The 4km long Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most famous beaches in the world. Less famous (in Europe) is Sol de Janeiro, a new sun care brand from Rio de Janeiro. Enriched with natural Brazilian ingredients from the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforests, the brand provides sun protection in various forms in a “Brazilian Way”. Rich in colour, natural ingredients and essential oil fragrances and pleasing textures, Sol de Janeiro manages to capture the Brazilian spirit in its branding and products.

State-of-the art protection technologies are married with local ingredients, resulting in highly effective products. Brazil enjoys a plethora of exceptional natural resources, some of which Sol de Janeiro have tapped in to: algaes from the ocean, minerals from the earth and a large variety of Amazonian and Atlantic Rainforest vegetation. Examples of said resources relinquish exotic ingredients including seaweeds, pink tourmalines, zinc oxide, photo stable plants like açai and green coffee, all of which combine to naturally inhibit damaging UVA and UVB rays, resulting in highly efficient skin sun protection.

Your Skin Is Our Beach!

Sol de Janeiro was inspired by the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the bodies of the cariocas (locals) displaying year-round golden tans. 12 products make up the range, including Star Fruit Face Protection and Moisturising Lotion (available in a spray too) through to Coconut Water Refreshing and Moisturising Spray, and the more niche Açai Color Shield Tattoo Protector amongst others.

Despite Sol de Janeiro being a unique sensorial showcase, the products themselves are throughly effective and a welcome change to regular, chemical ridden sunscreens. Perhaps what stuck with me the most after using Sol de Janeiro during a recent trip to sun-drenched Spain was not only the fantastic design and sun protection Sol de Janeiro provided but the tertiary benefits the brand has considered, namely the addition of moisturisers and such like – resulting in hydrated and cared for skin. Two thumbs up for this stunning brand.

Available at, priced between £14 and £24.