Sharpen Up With Suitsupply’s New (And Affordable) Custom Made Suiting

If you’re a regular reader of Ape to Gentleman you’ll be well aware of Suitsupply. The super-stylish menswear brand was founded in 2000 by Fokke de Jong in Amsterdam and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

A simple three-step formula is credited with the brands’ success: high-quality fabrics sourced from the historic mills of Italy such as Vitale Barberis Canonico and Reda; craftsmanship with flair; and quick delivery. Yet there’s a “hidden” fourth step in the magic formula, which is price – but we are gentleman, so won’t discuss this until later. Quality first, price point later. But affordable luxury would be an accurate description at this stage.

The brand boasts brick-and-mortar stores in numerous countries including Belarus, Denmark, China, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. And naturally, they have a strong online presence too.

Through the brand’s double-channel, direct-to-consumer offering, Suitsupply offer a range of menswear and footwear, predominantly centred around versatile smart-casual pieces and exquisite suiting. But we’re here to introduce their new Custom Made service.

Custom Made

Ape to Gentleman’s Editor, Chris Beastall, wearing a Custom Made Suitsupply suit

Suitsupply’s Custom Made offering is, frankly, superb. The service covers off all of the aforementioned hallmarks of the brand, while providing a bespoke touch with a plethora of customisable choices.

Personalise your suit, shirt, trousers, jacket and waistcoat. Or move into eveningwear and customise your tuxedo, dress shirt, trousers, tuxedo jacket and waistcoat. There are separately sized jackets and trousers in over 90 Italian fabrics and a range of detail options within Custom Made. All are available online and in-store without an appointment.

In addition you can personally tailor and fully customise your choice in over 1,000 Italian fabrics with the brand’s Custom Made-to-Measure service (in-store only). Let’s be clear: this isn’t a bespoke suit service – it’s personalised choices (Custom Made) and Made to Measure. But without spending £2,000+ on Savile Row, this is as good as it gets.

Personal Choices

I chose a Custom Made suit (featured in imagery through article), and ran through the 11 different choices offered by Suitsupply online (see below). Beyond fabric, you can choose fit, button arrangement, lining, waistband and turn ups (or not) among a variety of other options. Below you can see my individual choices.

  1. Fabric: Navy Plain Cotton Linen (extra £30 above base)
  2. Jacket Fit: Havana, Single Breasted
  3. Lining: Blue
  4. Trousers Fit: Washington
  5. Waistband: Side Adjusters + Brace Buttons
  6. Turn Up: With Turn Up
  7. Buttons: Beige & Black
  8. Waistcoat: None
  9. Trousers (Additional): None
  10. Jacket Size: 42L
  11. Trousers Size: 34L

I wanted something lightweight and casual for wear during the warmer months so opted for a cotton-linen fabric. I felt the turn ups gave the suit a casual, summer edge – making it ideal for wearing with smart sneakers and a T-shirt.

Upon delivery I was blown away by the quality – in terms of fabric, fit and attention to detail. This suit certainly won’t won’t be my last Suitsupply Custom Made delivery.


Finally, a legitimate suit brand – respected by the industry for quality and style – delivering on custom made, and with distinction. No longer do we have to suffer inferior quality brands with less than 100% perfect offerings. Choose what you will, to suit your style, quirks and body shape.

And best of all, my suit cost just £399 (plus £30 for a unique material). In summary – it fits like a dream, oozes quality and was thoroughly affordable – what’s not to like. Delivery was within 2-3 weeks, which for a custom made suit is mightily impressive.

Visit for more information and to order your Custom Made menswear now.

An Ape to Gentleman partnership with Suitsupply B.V. – words and opinion are Ape’s own

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.