Mixing It Up With Swatch SKIN

Swatch SKIN

A Brief History of Swatch SKIN

Varying occasions demand specific watch choices. A watch, much like shoes can reveal a lot about a person. A statement piece requiring careful consideration. Buying Your First Serious Watch is of course a vital step. Most likely your pride and joy, worn either daily to the office or for special occasions. A christening, wedding or meal out with a loved one. However, whatever your modus operandi sometimes a fun, affordable alternative is required. And no one owns this category better than Swatch.

Swatch SKIN

Founded in 1983 by Nicolas Hayek, Swatch watches were developed as a response to the “quartz crisis” of the 1970s and 1980s. An era where Asian-made digital watches were seen as equals to traditional European-made mechanical watches. Fortunately discerning customers eventually returned to appreciating the intricacies of a mechanical watch. And the sector resurged. But quartz watches’ place on our wrists are here to stay. Their affordability means it is easy to produce them as fashion-forward accessories. Where a mechanical watch costs more, and one likely owns less of them. A quartz watch collection in a variety of colours and styles could be easily amassed. Confirming this fact, the name Swatch is a contraction of second watch, as the watches are intended as casual accessories.

Swatch SKIN

Further evidence includes The Swatch Sistem51 HODINKEE Vintage 84 watch. A distinctly 21st-century mechanical watch inspired by a vintage gem from one of the world’s most respected watch websites. And working with Swatch, Ape put a Swatch SKIN ‘SKINSHADO’ watch through its paces.


Swatch SKIN Swatch SKIN

Made in Switzerland our Swatch SKIN watch features a quartz movement, 40mm case, 3 Bar water proof metre, a 24 month warranty and glowing ‘rays of sunshine’ on a grey print dial. The light grey matte strap with wavy structure was comfortable, stylish and suitably edgy. I left my ‘save for best’ mechanical Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Métrographe at home and headed to a local running club for some circuit training. The Swatch SKIN collection was inspired by, “the thrill of the unknown, the beauty of movement and the anticipation of change”. Minimalist in style, they achieve simple, easy-to-wear elegance whatever the activity. Every model employs a handsome wave element as well as a new jewel-cut crown design and sophisticated dial features. For those of you who prefer a classic look, the black and white colour scheme of Swatch SKIN-NOIR is a fine option. Or as we opted for, the SKINSHADO for a sportier edge.

Swatch SKIN


The Swatch Skin SKINSHADO priced at just £76.00 was ideal for wearing as a hybrid for sport whilst maintaining a ‘trendy’ edge. Beyond that, it’s a fine choice for anything active – a country walk, a trip to the gym or a day out at the beach. For times when your mechanical watch is just too precious to cut the mustard. And crucially, whilst functionality is key – so is design and style, something where Swatch watches also make the cut.

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