‘The Enchanting tree’ by Perrier-Jouët and Tord Boontje

Champagne specialist Perrier-Jouët have always been a brand to innovate and take a slightly left field approach to gesture of celebration – a thought which has led to their latest creation, ‘The Enchanting Tree’. Created by Dutch designer Tord Boontje, the tree celebrates both brands theatrical and well composed nature to a world where excellence is paramount.


The tree itself incorporates both functional and aesthetical elements in a fusion aimed to provide the drinker with the most inthralling tasting experience. Using golden branches to house each Perrior-Jouët flute, the piece offers a refreshing take on the delivery of champagne doing away with traditional serving.

“Tord Boontje’s creation captured both the legacy of Perrier-Jouët and its brand experience of infusing art into everyday life, redefining the art of tasting as a memorable experience” – Charles-Armand de Belenet, Martell Mumm-Perrier-Jouët

Art Nouveau is at the heart of both brands interpretation to work and the world around them with craftsmanship the soul of each product. Inspired by spring, the tree is composed of metal leaves each one of which has been individually hand worked, soldered and lacquered in white. A meticulous but necessary approach.


Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.