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The leather jacket is one of those rare garments that has managed to transcend time and tastes. Unconstrained by trends and free from the shackles of cyclical fashion, this classic piece of outerwear can be enjoyed by fathers and sons alike; grandfathers and grandsons too, for that matter.

But there is one problem.

Good leather jackets are seldom cheap, and cheap leather jackets are seldom good. High-earning men with bulging wallets are well catered for, but what about everyone else? High-quality options are thin on the ground unless you want to spend £1,000. Or at least they were until The Jacket Maker showed up.

This American label specialises in high-quality leather outerwear of all styles, shapes and sizes. Looking for a leather biker jacket? You’ve got it. Fancy a suave, suede bomber? You’ll find it here. The best part is that everything is sold directly to you, meaning you get premium quality at palatable prices.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know.

The Jacket Maker History

The Jacket Maker was born to fill a glaring gap in the market. It all started when a group of friends became frustrated at the lack of sensibly priced options when shopping for leather jackets. They noted that there were super-premium, designer options on one side, and fast-fashion tat on the other. In other words, a toss up between, ‘bankrupt yourself,’ and, ‘buy something that’ll drop to bits within a year’. Where was the middle ground?

“After much digging and research, it turned out that the explanation for higher prices of leather outerwear was a long supply chain of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, coupled with costly marketing campaigns,” says co-founder and CEO Syed Obaid. “This meant only a minute fraction of the price consumers paid went into the product itself.”

That’s why the goal for The Jacket Maker was, and still is to cut out unnecessary expenses by designing and manufacturing in-house. The products are sold directly to the end user, meaning you get the best possible jacket for the lowest possible price.

“We know that electrifying feeling of wearing a leather jacket,” Says Obaid. “And we believe everyone has the right to have that feeling.”

Why Choose The Jacket Maker

Fair prices are one thing, but why else would you choose to shop with The Jacket Maker when it comes to investing in your own leather jacket? Here are a few of the key points that make the brand such a solid option in our eyes.


We’re all different. So why should our clothes be the same? What fits one person like a glove might look terrible on the next, which is why a made-to-measure service is one of the things that puts The Jacket Maker head and shoulders above the competition. The best part? The made-to-measure option is available online for only a $30 fee.

The Finest Materials

A jacket is only as good as the material it’s made from. Get that wrong and the whole thing falls to bits – literally in some cases. That’s why The Jacket Maker uses the best materials it can, including full-grain leather, YKK zippers, and premium accessories.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

There’s no mass production here. Every single garment purchased from The Jacket Maker is handmade, one at a time, by skilled craftspeople. This means that the attention to detail is far superior to that found in chain production – even many of the ‘designer’ brands charging double churn their leather jackets out en masse.

A Fair Price

Thanks to The Jacket Maker’s direct-to-consumer business model, you can expect to pay around a quarter of the price of designer brands for a product that may well be better. If you’re looking for a well-made leather jacket on a budget, it’s an excellent option.

Bespoke Designs

Seen something you like but want it slightly different? That can be done thanks to The Jacket Maker’s bespoke service. Simply let them know what you want and you can have your dream jacket custom made.

3 Classics From The Jacket Maker

There’s a huge selection of leather jackets to choose from on The Jacket Maker’s website, not including the thousands of custom options you could create. Below are three of our favourite styles – a trio of outerwear staples that we feel no man should be without.

The Suede Bomber

We love a suede bomber here at Ape. It’s an elevated spin on a military classic, blending luxurious fabric with utilitarian styling to wondrous effect. In beautifully textured goatskin suede, this rich brown version is perfect for layering under a heavy wool coat during the winter, or on its own as an outer layer in the autumn and spring.

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The Aviator Jacket

Originally used by US Air Force pilots to keep them warm as they ascended high in primitive planes, the aviator jacket has since touched back down on terra firma and found its way into the modern man’s wardrobe. The Francis B-3 jacket from The Jacket Maker is a classic example of this heritage design, made using high-end materials, including thick shearling for the collar and lining.

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The Biker Jacket

When it first rose to fame in the 1950s thanks to the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean, the leather biker jacket was seen as a symbol of rebellion. Today, not much has changed. The biker jacket still has a tonne of attitude and can easily lend a dose of rock ‘n’ roll flair to otherwise church-friendly outfits. The trouble is, they’re often rather expensive. But not this one from The Jacket Maker, which features everything you’d expect to see on this mid-century classic, including oversized lapels, a belted waist and an asymmetric zipper.

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