The Rail: Surfer

Like riding waves? Here are some top picks for surfing in warmer climates. And also, it’s all smart enough to wear for a beach-side lunch after a hard days’ surf.



The ultimate in minimalist style, this black round neck OB-T t-shirt has a lean yet relaxed fit, curved shaped hem and is made from a super soft cotton. It’s extremely lightweight; ideal to slip on after a morning riding waves.



The trendy NYC based Saturdays Surf brand offers some of the most stylish boardshorts around. Functional for sports, but also suitable out of the water to maintain your style

Ennis Short-Length Colour-Block Swim Shorts, £80 by Saturdays NYC at MR PORTER


A 3/2mm Chest Zip wetsuit is perfect for the summer’s slightly warmer UK waters. 3/2 refers to the thickness of the neoprene and this all-black suit is super slick.

Syncro 3/2mm – Chest Zip Full Wetsuit, £170 at QUICKSILVER



A retro styled board that’s perfect for small waves. The Split Pea is more responsive for lighter more precise turns, ideal for beginners and ensuring you feel like you are walking on water.

Sea Pea Surfboard, £645 by GULFSTREAM

Sun Protection

10 hours protection from one application, even after frequent swimming throughout the day P20 retains its protection.

P20 Sun Protection, £13.99 by Riemann at BOOTS