The Rail: The New Casual

The term casual has existed long beyond the British pop sensation. Now used to describe weekend attire; its meaning within the sartorial sector has transcended far beyond the tracksuit bottoms and hooded sweatshirts we so fondly remember. In this week’s issue of The Rail we present our own rendition of these so called ‘off duty’ garments – demonstrating that style can exist beyond six o’clock on a Friday.


Gentleman: Basketweave Cotton Blazer, £500, by JAMES PERSE

Ape: Havana Grey Plain Jacket, £229, by SUITSUPPLY


Gentleman: V.P.C. T-shirt, £73, by A.P.C.

Ape: CLFN Tee, £25, by ADIDAS


Gentleman: Slim Fit Black Jeans, £225, by DUNHILL

Ape: Charlie Denim Jean, £120, by SATURDAY’S NYC


Gentleman: Ace Embroidered Sneaker, £450, by GUCCI

Ape: Gazelle Shoes, £75, by ADIDAS

Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.