The Shelf is a men’s grooming series by Ape to Gentleman focusing on skin care; designed to assist with common grooming ailments, achieving certain looks and general best practice. Different from our Top 10 or Three of The Best series, The Shelf offers rounded solutions to a variety of topics – resulting in recommended products for your bathroom shelf. Similar Ape to Gentleman series include The Rail (Fashion) and The Room (Lifestyle).

The Shelf: Bath Relaxation

After an early morning gym workout, followed by a strenuous day of meetings, phone calls and emailing a gentleman’s body can be slightly worse for wear. To counter this, may we suggest a bath. Far from something reserved for the fairer sex – a bath can reinvigorate mind, body and soul, and provide a re-charge of the batteries leaving us ready for the weekend. Above all else, a bath is a change of environment – no blinking BlackBerry, no iMac shining brightly, just you and the below…

Bath Salts

Something to delight your olfactory senses is a must, combine this with a rich foam and or a product designed specifically to relax and reinvigorate – such as bath salts.


Recommended:Molton Brown Energising Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak £19 – blended with mineral rich Marine Extracts and Horse Chestnut Oil, this woody, energising bath soak with Dead Sea Salts will de-stress and revive the most tired of minds and bodies. It will also leave your skin healthier and moisturised.

For those who prefer a foaming option – opt for Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash £18. Suitable as a shower gel and bath foam, this legendary product must be tried to be truly appreciated.


An overly agressive bathroom light can easily ruin your relaxation time. Give your eyes a rest, and set the mood of relaxation with a good quality candle.


Recommended: To Molton Brown again here with their Re-charge Black Pepper Medio Candela £36. Not only does it look stylish with its hand-blown and thick-glass form, but it delivers tranquillity, warmth and energy too. The blend of spicy, deep aroma oils of fiery Black Peppercorn Oil with Bergamot and Oakmoss offer a truly unique fragrance.


There’s no better time to give your body a refreshing once over with a bath brush than when you’re lying in the bath. A high quality bath brush will massage and effectively remove dead skin. A stimulating experience which leaves the body smooth, toned and invigorated.


Recommended:Kent Brushes Bath Bat £19 – this high quality wooden ‘bath bat’ brush made with pure white bristles feels great on the skin, and leaves it smooth and dead skin cell free. Pay particularly attention to your back. You may wish to lather your favourite shower gel on the bristles for a deep clean.