The SPF moisturiser, a sometimes confused part of a man’s grooming routine and often omitted- incorrectly. You may be beginning to consider your sun care needs since the warmer spring has arrived (consider: ultraviolet rays can be damaging on even the cloudiest of days too) and an SPF moisturiser is something I recommend adding to your skincare regime.

With more than 100,000 new cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually in the UK, getting better protected from the suns’ harmful rays is as important as ever. Okay, we recognise that not all cases are due to over exposure in the sun, however surveys do show that 4 out of 5 diagnosed cases could have been avoided with better protection.

It’s important to note that an SPF moisturiser is to be worn in addition to a sun cream if you’re lying directly in the sun somewhere hot. An SPF is a double-win, it moisturises like your regular moisturiser but also has the addition of sun protection without having to apply a sun care product separately. It will not only help ward of skin cancer but also help prevent signs of sun-related ageing. An SPF moisturiser will come in handy if you have a walk through the city to your next meeting on a hot day, or dine outside for lunch. It’s a no brainer, apply in the morning for day-long protection. Here are our three of the best.

No Dice by Triumph & Disaster – SPF 50

This triple attack moisturiser contains zinc oxide to act as a barrier between the skin and harmful UV and Sun rays, Green tea extracts then protect the skin from free radicals whilst jojoba esters keep skin hydrated and supple, even while in the sun. At SPF 50 this product works wonders for those with fair skin, that may easily get harmed or burnt in the slightest of sun light.


Oil Free Facial Lotion by Anthony Logistics – SPF 30

Packed with vitamins this moisturiser is specifically designed for those who suffer with oily skin, a condition that tends to only get worse as the weather improves. Using aloe vera extracts to bind moisture into the skin and silk amino acids to stop the skin losing any more. All round skin protection.Face Moisturiser by


Malin+Goetz – SPF 30

Green Tea anti-oxidants shelter the skin from free radicals and environmental toxins whilst also moisturising deeply to leave the skin smooth and fresh. Added sunblocks reflect UV rays allowing the skin to breath freely without risk of damage.