Top 10: Iconic Beards

Today – Spetember 5th 2015 celebrates World Beard Day. To show support we’ve handed picked our top 10 iconic beards.

Zac Efron 

Although there’s not necessarily a lot of beard happening here. Mr Efron’s facial hair certainly marked the iconic move from teen movie star to gentleman actor.

George Clooney

Mr. Clooney, as a rule, makes everything he does look effortlessly sophisticated. Grey beards are certainly no exception to the rule.

 Zach Galifianakis

Even when staring in “The Hangover” Zach always seems to have one the most impeccably groomed beards we see.

Billy Gibbons 

This iconic beard from band ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons has been around since the 70’s. Gibbons even turned down a massive $1 million from gillette, when propositioned to shave it off, that’s dedication.

David Beckham 

Once again Mr. Beckham just gets it right.

Mr. T 

This beard has around throughout all of Mr. T’s career, I don’t think we could imagine him without it.

James Harden 

Fear the beard is currently being chanted by all Houston fans in support of an incredible season from Mr. Harden. When it comes to style however, embrace the beard James.

Daniel Day Lewis 

Now this is man who can knows how to wear a beard. Not too sure about the outfit though.

Moeen Ali

For anyone that ever said beards and sports don’t work well together say hello to the best beard in the English cricket team.

Aaron Kaufman

From fast n’ loud to bearded n’ proud – Mr. Kaufman’s incredible beard showcases’ his effortless style.