Traits Women Love In a Man

Half the work is done if a woman is physically attracted to you. Having a face that she enjoys looking at is the hardest part taken care of, Right? No this is where guys get confused, once they know a woman is attracted to them they should be stepping up their game. Now is not the time to try play it cool. If you were to actually ask every women you met what she looks for in a man, you may be surprised to know more often than not money and looks barely even make the top 10.


The entire female race could collectively agree that this is one of the most important traits we look for in a man. Jeopardising an entire relationship through not being honest is really not attractive. We don’t actually mind what your job is, if you used to date that girl or if your not feeling our new highlights, Just don’t lie about it. It’s easy to read when someone isn’t telling the truth, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can get away with it.


This truly is one of the most attractive things ever. When you have passion for something it conveys that you have emotions, and hello girls love a man that is in touch with his emotional side. Passion for something as simple as your work, your hobbies or your sports team shows us that you have commitment. No body likes a boring deadbeat that sits on the fence for every subject.We want a man that’s driven. Something about a man that knows what he likes and puts his all into it is unbelievably attractive. Women like displays of passion because they’re not accustomed to seeing them from men. Have you ever stopped to wonder why women go crazy for rock stars? They publicly show huge amounts of passion for their work.


Confidence, not cockiness. It is very sexy. A man who feels secure in his own skin makes the woman he’s with feel secure, and it return allows us to feel just as confident. Confidence gives you the aura of charm and that’s right, women like charming men. It’s a show stopper and definitely a consideration to label a guy the man of your dreams.


If you’re pursuing a woman, you may think well of course I’m going to show her respect. This is true, disrespecting us personally will result in us walking away. However, what we’re actually looking out for is the respect you have for others. How do you treat the waitress? What reaction do you have to the elderly lady walking unbearably slow in-front of us? If a chance arises for you to be kind and show others respect, take it. First and foremost because it’s the decent thing to do, also because watching a guy behave in this way triggers something inside us. No one can really explain what it is, but it just makes our hearts melt.

A Sense of Humour

If you can keep us laughing, everything will go your way no matter how bad you screw up. Now, this is can be a tough one to explain to some guys as many men take this to mean being overly arrogant. We want you to be able to laugh, at yourself, at our jokes and at a movie that we think is funny. We love a good laugh and a man that we can do it with is a great catch.