Stighlorgan Trefor Tote Bag

Inspired by engineers’ tool bags, Irish brand Stighlorgan have created the Trefor – a tool bag tote that transforms itself from a medium shopper to a large tote with the adjusting of a few straps. These dynamic and practical qualities fit perfectly for a modern day man who needs a bag that is multi-functional. Nowadays it seems there’s a need to freight around with us a plethora of belongings from mobile devices to magazines and extra layers. This tote serves all purposes well.

Made from a mix of raw calico canvas and a ‘fisherman’s lacquer’ coated canvas with a built-to-last attitude, you can trust the bag will be able to withstand anything you throw at it. Ready for both city and beach, the tote will keep you and your belongings in good check.

Chris Chasseaud

Chris is the Style & Features Editor at Ape to Gentleman, and one of the UK's leading style commentators. Having worked in the fashion and design world for his entire career he's well placed to deliver sartorial advice.