Tudor Pelagos

When the worlds top divers and various international armed forces use the same watch, it begs the question what was it that made them choose that particular model. Therefore, the Tudor Pelagos needs to stand up to a lot – and it really does. The durable watch has been painstakingly developed to the utmost high standard, is a tool watch that holds a ton of features that many premium watches would be proud of.

Taking inspiration from it’s predecessors, the Pelagos evolves with the time and uses a fusion of technology and innovation giving it its outstanding qualities. As originally created for divers with a requirement to meet all their particular needs, plenty of thought and development has been put into it.

A notable quality is how light the timepiece is. Titanium is used giving it light and yet robust and hard wearing qualities. Consideration has been made for the diver and wearer in mind, where the use of titanium allows the Pelagos to be left in the sun without the risk of burning the wearer when put back on, due to it not absorbing heat as much as steel. Light reflection has been minimised with a particular ‘finish’ that reduces the risk of glinting underwater and doesn’t reflect light, while also enhancing its subtlety.

The high standard materials used in the Pelagos doesn’t stop there – ceramic, which is usually only present in the most advanced pieces, is used in the bezel as well as bearings inside the clasp on the bracelet, allowing for a lifetime of high quality. Lengths were made to designed and engineer the sound of the ceramic bezel to emulate that of a mechanical safe system being unlocked.

One key component for divers is being able to tell the time under water. Very simple, and yet some watches neglect to think what happens at further depths when it gets noticeably darker. Knowing that at great depths blue is the last colour on the colour spectrum that the human eye can see, Tudor have used luminescent material in the bezel, indexes and hands, which glows blue in the dark. This small and yet significant feature makes the Pelagos the perfect whilst underwater. However, it is also pretty handing at night and in other such scenarios.

Other clever features suitable for divers (although handy in other situations too) is a spring-loaded system on the bracelet that expands so that it can be worn over a diving suit, where compression and expanding is faced from the pressures at depth and then during the ascent.

Tudor Pelagos – $4,225 / £2,840
42 mm titanium and steel case, satin finish
Helium escape valve
Unidirectional rotatable bezel in titanium with black ceramic disc
Waterproof to 500 m (1640 ft)
Self-winding mechanical movement
Power reserve of approximately 38 hours
Screw-down steel winding crown with the Tudor logo
Sapphire crystal
Titanium bracelet with folding clasp, safety catch and bracelet extension system
Additional rubber strap with buckle and extra extension piece


Chris Chasseaud

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