Well and truly English, Church’s was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons Alfred, William and Thomas Jr., who could count on family experience in the production of handmade men’s shoes dating back to 1675. Now that is what you call Heritage. Furthermore Church’s is based in Northampton, a county which has been the centre of a flourishing leather and footwear industry since the Middle Ages. So it’s fair to say that if you want real expertise on leather footwear, your first stop should be Church’s.

You can spot a true gentleman by the presentation of his formal footwear; polished to an almost military perfection with a precisely tied knot to ensure the bows are equidistant. If this is too much to ask, which it most certainly is for most, then at least we can make sure that our shoes are presentable; enter Church’s Valet Box. The Valet box comes complete with shoe Duster, a pair of shoe bags, 7” Real shoe horn, three tubes of applicator cream, two large brushes, two small brushes and a tin of Protective spray. So while it gets 10/10 for practicality, it also makes an pretty attractive addition any modern gents ‘pad’.