Vickers Bicycle Company

Classic styling, traditional craftsmanship and luxe materials ensure the new Roadster from the Vickers Bicycle Company is a city bicycle fit for the modern gentleman.

Launched this year, the Roadster is a new take on a classic design. Each lugged steel frame is made-to-measure, by hand in Britain and is combined with contemporary detailing to give the performance expected of a modern bicycle.

Features include a Brooks England leather saddle and handlebar wrap, combined with modern components like the LED dynamo lamp. Choose either a 2 speed automatic or 8 speed manual geared bicycle – each paired with back-pedal brake – and protected by a set of inconspicuous mudguards.

Vickers Bicycle Co. founder, Ian Covey, explains:

“Too often it’s the bicycle that dictates how we dress while cycling. Too often you have to change your style to fit a bicycle rather than buying a bicycle that fits your style. We aim to change that.”

Thanks to the Roadsters swept back bars and easy, upright riding position designed to encourage a more dignified pace, you’ll arrive at your destination looking as sharp as you did when you stepped out of your front door.