Vintage 18ct Gold Omega Watch

Omega are a watchmaker with an exceptional heritage within an industry that is positively filled with traditional and iconic brands and they boast some truly exemplary timepieces within their collection. It is rare to find a truly unique Omega watch but that’s exactly what we have here with this devilishly understated and painfully stylish 18ct gold Omega watch above.

What makes this one so unique, I hear you say? Well, the fact that it was the creation of famed watch designer Gerald Genta is one reason that it is such an impressive construct but, perhaps more uniquely, this breath-taking Omega timepiece hadn’t seen the light of day for nigh-on six decades until it was discovered in a safety deposit box and found its way onto the open market.

It boasts the sort of understated visual appeal that would look right on the wonderfully tailored cuff of a Don Draper type, with the simple but brutally stylish watch face and 18k gold mesh strap. Exceptionally stylish and offering a unique backstory that money simply cannot buy, this one of a kind Omega watch is the perfect timepiece for any horology aficionado who is after something with the sort of character that you simply cannot find from a brand new Omega watch.