Why your morning routine is so important

After reading why your nighttime routine is so important we thought it was time to shed some light on the following morning. Having a solid night time routine is great for your skin to help it repair and replenish itself, however it’s not enough for you to be able to roll out of bed in the morning and head to work. As we sleep our blood vessels dilate, allowing an increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which helps stimulate the removal of toxic cellular products. Research shows that our cells regenerate faster while we’re sleeping.

Don’t fear, just because you have yourself a morning routine doesn’t mean you’ll have to wake up before the sun does. It’s quick, precise and practical. As every morning should be.


With all renewal and repairing of your skin cells whilst sleeping it’s a given that you will need to scrub your skin well to alleviate any dead cells you may have acquired over night. Malin+Goetz peppermint body scrub is great for your morning shower. Pumice and bamboo gently exfoliated the skin and removed dead skin cells whilst energising peppermint cools, cleanses and hydrates the skin.



Sleeping with yesterday’s product in, combined with excess sweat from sleeping can result in slightly greasy, unruly hair. Enter retaW allen fragrance condishampoo. An invigorating 2 in 1 highly concentrated hair shampoo and conditioner. Organic and natural essential oils blended with plant-based ingredients leave hair feeling clean, soft and with an amazing smell. This step can be skipped every other day if you don’t use hair products, as over washing clean hair can strip it of it’s natural oils and dries it out.



Focusing on the centre of your forehead and your nose, where your oil glands are concentrated, use liquid sand by Billy Jealousy. A multi-tasking gel that both exfoliates and cleanses the skin; the perfect preparation for priming skin prior to shaving. It unclogs pores, leaving a fresh and reinvigorated complexion.



Pre shave oil is a must, Billy Jealousy hot towel is a great heat treatment to lift facial hair and soften skin prior to shaving. Keeping with the same brand ensures the skin is continuously looked after and free from irritation. It helps to shave whilst still in the shower as the heat opens your pores and softens your beard, which gives you a closer shave.


Use a good razor

A good razor speaks for itself with it’s grip, close shave a sharp blades. The R1 argent by Bolin Webb is a stylish razor with a comfortable grip and refreshing silver finish, and compatible with Gillette Mach 3 blades for an elegantly clean shave.



A lightweight face moisturiser ideal for those with oily skin. Easily absorbed, aloe vera enhanced, this cream works quickly to restore the pH balance and heal any environmental damages in the skin. The green tea extracts cleanse the skin of toxins and releases histamines from the skin cells. Smoothing out and firming the face, effectively fighting ageing in the skin, great for post shave hydration.


Hair Styling

Best seller from Hanz de Fuko, claymation is a hybrid clay-wax made with a touch of Hanz de Fuko Quicksand. Claymation provides a super high-hold with maximum pliability, for semi-matte hairstyles. It contains all the best parts, of the best sculpting clays with a proprietary blend of natural waxes for achieving pompadours and creative works of art that last all day.



Morning breath and all that, oral hygiene should already be part of your morning routine. However to get the best from an already mandatory part of your routine, use Theodent classic toothpaste it incorporates a revolutionary new additive, Rennou to the toothpaste, growing the individual unit crystals in your enamel. These new crystals are four times larger and stronger than those found in normal enamel. Rennou is the only viable alternative to fluoride, it leaves your teeth healthy and breath smelling fresh.


Stay Fresh

After getting all fresh and clean, the last thing you need is to run a marathon to get yourself a uncomfortably small space on the tube, and find yourself at the office sweaty and smelly. Molton Brown re-charge black pepper anti perspirant stick is a natural smelling, active-antiperspirant which reduces underarm wetness by blocking pores and reduces body odour by inhibiting the bacterial breakdown of sweat. Blended with Black Peppercorn Oil, rich in antioxidants to help combat skin-damaging free radicals it is perfect start to a busy day.