5 Must Drive Roads

The wind in your hair, you have the freedom to explore new places and long scenic routes, the joy of taking a road trip is something that cannot be underestimated.  Whatever the weather, there is something about travelling past remarkable sights and unforgettable lands all in the comfort of your own car. For the perfect experience, the following destinations hold the roads you simply have to drive during your lifetime.

Transfăgărășan, Romania

We kick off our list with Transfăgărășan, in Romania. Dubbed ‘the best road in the world’ by Top Gear car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson, this testing route is best for drivers looking for a challenge.

90km of twists and turns await you at the highest peak in Romania, climbing over a 2,000 metre altitude.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China

For a more jaw-dropping experience, Tianmen Mountain Road will leave you shell-shocked at first. Located within the National Park in Zhangjiajie, China, the 11km-long road has an outrageous 99 bends before you reach the summit of the mountain.

The road in particular has safety barriers along the edges and sees tourists drive, cycle and even ride the cable cars to get there. The best mode is by car.

The Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

In similar picturesque fashion, the Norwegian route of The Atlantic Ocean Road is an 8km-long section which runs between the two towns of Kristiansund and Molde. The road is built upon several small islands and takes you across 8 bridges.

The Atlantic Ocean Road is found across an infamous stretch of ocean in a place known for intense seasonal climate changes. When the sea is calm, you might be able to spot whales or seals lurking in the water. But when the weather is stormy, the waves tend to overflow onto the bridge, making for an intense drive.

Ensure your vehicle can handle the durability of the route.

Touge Roads of Mount Fuji, Japan

Talking of intense, Japan’s Touge Roads of Mount Fuji are known as the road built to joy ride on. With many twists and turns followed by long passages of open road, the temptation to ‘floor it’ is great.

Touge Roads has been touted as the place to learn and perfect the art of drifting, so if you’re keen to try out some car stunts, this is definitely the road for you. A tight seatbelt is advised.

Stelvio Pass, the Alps, Italy

Our final road you must travel is Stelvio Pass, which is located at one of the highest altitudes in the Alps, Italy. Nine thousand feet up in the mountains, Stelvio Pass is 15 miles long and makes for an adventurous journey.

There are 48 ‘hairpin’ turns that require great control and steady hands as you corner at speed, raising the adrenaline levels.

Choosing any one of the five routes will ensure one of the best road trips you’ve ever taken.


Images: Transfăgărășan by Cristian Bortes | Atlanterhavsvegen by Arno van den Tillaart | Stelvio Pass by Amcs1983