Song Saa Resort Cambodia

Cambodia may not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to luxury retreats but, in actuality, it is home to some of the most jaw-dropping and relaxing resorts in the far east and few encapsulate this sense of luxury better than the, frankly breath taking, Song Saa resort which is based a 45 minute speedboat ride away from the south coast in the Gulf of Thailand and it is a pair of private twin islands adjoined by a wooden footbridge.

The Song Saa Resort is unquestionably the sort of destination that you will opt for once in a lifetime because it boasts some rather astonomical prices for the villas that are dotted about the resort (being a total of 27 villas to choose from – ranging from an Ocean View Villa to the Royal two-bedroom Villa). With said villas costing between £1000 and £4,000 a night, it’s not for those who don’t have an understanding bank manager but, should the opportunity arise to spend time on the Song Saa Resort, it will be time that you won’t soon forget.

The word luxury is thrown around altogether too often when it comes to holiday resorts but seldom has it been more apt than then when used to describe your surroundings at Song Saa in Cambodia. Not content with offering the ultimate in luxury lodging, the Song Saa also has a world class spa that will merely add to the decadence and oppulence of your stay on this mesmerising twin-island in the Gulf of Thailand. A truly out of this world luxury break awaits for those with the requisite funds to faciliate the reassuringly expensive rates at Song Saa.

Images courtesy of Tried and Travelled.