Firstly, in the accompanying leaflet for the Hairbond products we received, is a statement of intent, “Our word is our bond”. Okay then!

Well, the bond refers to the products ability to mould and style your hair and in my book, that is a pretty basic minimum requirement of a hair styling product. So do Hairbond products do this? Yes… in short!


So what about the rest? The product packaging looks okay, they could be more stylish but they’ll do. After this we move to the products themselves; the paste (Moulder) and the putty (Sculptor) as I had to test.

Moulder promises “an innovative styling product that creates separations with a matte finish”. And what do you know, it sure caused my hair to separate with a matt finish, not separate like the parting of the seas, although I am guessing it can produce a mean parting, but again, back to my first point, the products do style your hair effectively.

Next, the paste and putty do not put you off to look at. That may sound bizarre to some people, but some hair products really make me think twice about whether I really want to apply the equivalent of industrial glue to my hair. The aim is to keep your style for the day, but eventually, it would be nice to wash them out which some products do not give me complete confidence of!

Okay, so packaging and appearance are acceptable, the texture and appearance of paste or putty is nice and not off putting but I have to say, what really pulls you in with these products are the fantastic fragrances that hit you and in my case, seemed to stay with me most of the day.

Moulder comes in a “mouth watering red apple and pineapple fragrance”. Can’t think of how that would smell? Me neither, but when I did get to smell it, I liked it.


Sculptor claims a “scrumptious sweet green apple fragrance”. Again, I had no idea what that smells like until I opened the lid and again, it smells good.

And I have to say for me, that is what really attracted me,, they do really smell great and yes, the packaging looks okay and the appearance of the paste or putty does not put me of and makes me feel confident that they are safe to use, but the smell was really the attraction. And yes, these products really do what I really expected as a minimum, they are good for styling and I would imagine most men would not be disappointed within reason over assisting them achieve modern hair-styles, especially given my negative experiences of more established brands.

So in summary, packaging looks okay, assures value actually. The look, feel and general appearance of the paste and putty are good and instil a trust to use them and smell good. The Moulder helped me achieve just the style I wanted as did the Sculptor helping even the average man achieve a smart and styled look without having to go back to the stylist.

Overall pretty good stuff. It’s a new product so you may have to hunt it out for now, but in my opinion, you will not be disappointed for your efforts.