6 Quick Fix Sartorial Tips

Refresh denim

Japanese brand retaW-Tokyo have a rather handy Mood Fragrance Liquid For Denim- a fine spray-on, antibacterial mist designed to eliminate odours from denim. Just mist it on to your favourite jeans or any denim material to refresh and fragrance with a fresh, sweet and minty scent… clean.

Trouser hems

Wundaweb- If you’re no good at sewing and need a quick fix for your trouser hems (or other hems for that matter) then Wundaweb is your best friend. If you don’t have any to hand and for a more temporary job – double sided tape will also do the trick.

Shoe polish

Kwik polish sponges- I know you should be properly polishing your shoes but in reality will you be lovingly caressing your shoes with a brush and polish every night? A flick of a Kwik polish sponge will see you through till the weekend when you can get the brushes out again.

Hair remover

Rubber gloves for hairs- I find a traditional clothes brush doesn’t quite do the trick when it comes to things like cat and dog hairs. So head to the kitchen instead and grab a pair of rubber gloves – pop them on, run your hands under the tap and stroke down the afflicted hairy fabric and hey presto the rubber clings onto the hairs and lifts them off.

Reinvigorate suede

Steam suede shoes- one of my favourite tricks to revive suede shoes is to use the steam from the kettle. Put one hand inside the shoe, hold them over the steam and use the other hand to brush over them or use one of those little rubber brushes and it brings up the pile again making them look fresher and newer. Be careful not to burn your hand!

Whiter than white sneakers

Clean white trainers with Jif- Are your formerly sparkling white Common Projects trainers looking a bit dejected? Spruce them up with some Jif and a J-cloth. Who needs to buy extra special trainer cleaner when you probably have this at home already.

Thank you to personal stylist Sarah of Sartorial Lab for these tips. If you’d like some help to improve your wardrobe and style then please contact her on [email protected] or www.sartorialab.co.uk.

Common Projects image (featured) courtesy of Opumo.com – men’s accessories.

Sarah Gilfillan

Sarah is the founder of menswear style consultancy Sartoria Lab sartorialab.co.uk offering personal styling, shopping and wardrobe management to men.