This Brand Might Have Created The Perfect T-Shirt For Men

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Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of the best outfits are the simple ones and curating a wardrobe full of classic pieces that can be mixed and matched is arguably the easiest way to look good.

This ‘uniform’ way of dressing has been adopted by some of the most stylish men on the planet, and when done properly means you won’t even have to think about what you wear. Pull together a foundation of perfectly fitting jeans and chinos, shirts, smart-casual jackets and of course T-shirts, and you’ll be covered for all manner of social settings.

However, finding these grail pieces is where things can get difficult, and this is especially true of wardrobe basics. Staples like T-shirts are all too easy to get wrong, particularly when it comes to how they fit.

The problem is, most off-the-rack clothing is created using generic measurements so they fit as many people as possible. But the result of this is that they actually rarely fit anyone properly. People’s body shapes vary so drastically that anything that isn’t tailored will likely come up short in some places, whether it’s too tight in the chest, too long in the body or just plain uncomfortable.

Enter, Aetos: a T-shirt and Henley top specialist that takes a different approach. The US brand’s tees are made with side seams that taper from the chest to the hem in a V-shape. This ensures there’s no excess fabric around the waist and essentially creates the effect of an athletic physique, whether you go to the gym three times a week or three times a year. Whereas most regular T-shirts are shapeless and unflattering, Aetos offers a tailored but non-restricting fit that conforms to the wearer’s body.

Then there’s the fabrication. While many competitors stick to pure cotton or inferior polyester blends, Aetos utilises a unique combination of cotton, modal and spandex. It’s created what is essentially a performance fabric that’s supremely soft against the skin, silky to the touch and wicks away sweat so you stay cool throughout the day.

It’s resistant to pilling and shrinkage too, so will stay looking new wear after wear. This is partly thanks to the spandex, which is lightweight, stretchy and able to retain its shape, but also the inclusion of modal. Derived from tree pulp, modal is soft, breathable and extremely durable. When blended with spandex and cotton it creates a material that offers all-day comfort but is able to take a beating.

Available in a range of easy-to-wear shades, from classic black and white to sky blue and sage green, Aetos’ tees are the jumping off point for any contemporary capsule wardrobe. Wear them casually with jeans and sneakers, dress them up with tailored trousers and loafers, even wear them to the gym. Your search for the perfect tee begins and ends here.

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Charlie Thomas

Charlie Thomas is a writer and photographer, contributing to publications including The Independent, The Times, The Rake and Black + White Photography magazine. His photography has been exhibited by Photofusion, Central Saint Martins and Photo Co-Op.