Anthony Day Cream SPF 30

We are all concerned with ageing, some a little some a lot. There are plenty of ‘magical’ potions available, some good, some not so. One of the most underrated tips for fending off the signs of ageing, is protecting against sun damage. And not just sun damage whilst you’re on holiday in a hot country but year round, even on cloudy days. It’s an easy win, just buy a moisturiser with added SPF- so hydrate, protect against sun damage and as such help slow the signs of ageing.

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This feature is inspired by the release of the new Day Cream SPF 30 from New York based Anthony (formerly Anthony Logistics). A quick-absorbing, lightweight formula that moisturises and nourishes skin while protecting against sun damage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30. Made with Squalene and Glycerin to keep skin hydrated. Soy and Vitamin E nourish, and SPF 30 provides broad spectrum protection. Apply in the morning, this 90ml
 will keep your skin in top condition and looking younger.

Day Cream SPF 30, £34 by ANTHONY