Boldking Shaving by Ape

Photography by Ape to Gentleman

New to the men’s grooming world is Boldking- a young and fast growing online shaving brand which makes shaving more enjoyable and key- affordable. For £8 you will receive 4 blades sent to your home whenever you want. Additionally, Boldking provide the option to automatically receive fresh blades in the frequency that suits you best.


Boldking have re-engineered their traditional razors from the ground up- with blades uniquely designed to follow the contours of the face, even for hard to reach areas like under the nose. The extra wide spacing between the blades eliminates pulling and tugging, clogging and makes it super easy to clean. This results in less irritation, a quicker shave and more comfort.


And not forgetting the environment, Boldking packaging is manufactured from recycled cardboard. Also, compared to traditional razors (21 pieces) Boldking blades consist of only 9, allowing them to effectively recycle old blades and make them into new metal and plastic.

We trialled the razor and blade from Boldking and have to say- it’s remarkably good. Not to mention stylish, which, let’s face it, is important when considering the modern gentleman’s bathroom.