Ape to Qkr!

With in-app payment technology becoming more popular Qkr! with Masterpass have taken things a step further with their quick and easy to use payment app. Qkr can be used at wagamama, Ask Italian, Zizzi, Carluccio’s and soon at Young’s pubs.

Simply download the Qkr! app and register any debit or credit card details. This is securely stored ready for use. Next time you eat or drink in a selection of restaurants within the UK, simply open the app and check in, show the server your unique code, and this will be registered to your table number.

You can view your order at any time by simply opening the app. In some restaurants, you can ever order additional items from the app. You can pay the bill from your phone, and if you want to split it with your fellow diners you simply choose the items you had and pay for them. Plus, you can add a tip.

At Ape to Gentleman we chose to trial Qkr! with our Mastercard for a meal at Zizzi- an Italian restaurant with locations throughout the UK. The meal was delicious, and of course- paying the bill with Qkr! at the end of lunch was quick and painless.