Arc’teryx AW16 Collection

Located in the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, outerwear brand Arc’teryx have built a seriously strong brand- built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production. Their in-house manufacturing and design centres allow them to quickly and constantly evolve- constructing products to exacting standards. The result is timeless quality, intuitive design and simplicity leaving the wearer with first class performance in a variety of conditions. From skiing and mountain climbing to more casual wear Arc’teryx have something for everyone, and their Autumn/ Winter 2016 collection is as strong as ever. Details below, and Ape to Gentleman’s stand out piece from each collection.



Whiteline products are snow-sports specific designs detailed for skiing and snowboarding. Materials and construction maximise energy efficient layering systems and freedom of movement. The Whiteline collection is divided into the following ranges:

  • Freeride Touring: committed to couloirs, untouched lines and remote alpine bowls: Freeride Touring designs utilise premium GORE-TEX Pro and composites to deliver compact, lightweight, full weather protection and climate control.
  • Freeride: boot packs, upticks or short mechanised access brings free riders to hidden lines and powder stashes. Advanced insertion technologies, versatile articulation and ventilation options cover all conditions.
  • All Mountain: refined for high speed, powder or full riding days, All Mountain designs use trim fits, technical insulations, stretch fabrics and clean aesthetics. Minimalist elegance with full mountain protection.

Standout piece: Sphene Jacket – £500.


Hardwired for climbing; Ascent products are technically advanced clothing and equipment systems intended to maximise personal performance in harsh alpine environments. Knowing how a climber moves informs the designs, which are built to work in unison with each other according to the intended style of use. Clothing layers, harness helmet, backpacks, and crampons are all considered part of the system and designed to work together. Premium craftsmanship, construction innovations and ergonomic patterns gain the highest degree of function and hard wearing protection form the least possible weight.


Standout piece: Alpha SV Jacket – £600.

This is the Porsche of all jackets. Lighter and stronger. Rarely do these two things occur at the same time for the same alpine product. First appearing in 1998, the Arc’teryx Alpha SV Jacket has always been at the forefront of its category addressing the needs of alpinist and expedition climbers with the lightest, most durable weather protection.


New for AW16, the Alpha SV Jacket once again takes centre stage with a complete redesign and textile upgrade, featuring the new N100p-X face fabric laminated to durably waterproof / breathable 3L GORE-TEX® Pro – it’s 50% more durable than its predecessor, and lighter to boot thanks to design enhancements. As with all of the company’s pinnacle alpine products, the new Alpha SV Jacket are manufactured in the new, state-of-the-art Arc’teryx factory in Vancouver, Canada.

24 Lifestyle


24 Lifestyle products blur the distinction between outdoor-inspired performance and everyday living needs. Premium natural fibre textiles and technical fabrics are combined with acquired Arc’teryx knowledge of the body in the motion to create finely crafted, highly functional urban influenced products. Minimalist and innovative, 24 products manage everyday changes in weather.


Standout piece: Ames Jacket – £480.


Endorphin products are made for mountain training- high aerobic output activities intended to develop and maintain fitness for other mountain sports. These products focus on moisture management, temperature regulation and minimalist design an construction.


Standout piece: Norvan SL Hoody – £240.


Hard wearing Traverse products focus on minimalist, versatile designs that bring comfort, are and simplicity to hiking and trekking. Selected textiles are chosen to be quick drying, odour resistant, with good moisture management and high thermal efficiency. Finely crafted, with reinforcements in areas prone to abrasion and environmental damage. Easy access features and carrying systems keep the hiker and trekker compact and efficient.


Standout piece: Zeta AR Jacket – £360.


Arc’teryx Essentials is a collection of very versatile products that showcase Arc’teryx principal of design and a commitment to creating high performance, hard wearing and reliable solutions. Crafted with premium materials, these pinnacle products bring a high degree of function to a broad range of activities and form age foundation of the product line.


Standout piece: Atom AR Hoody – £220.

For more information visit where you can learn more and purchase your Arc’teryx piece of choice. Happy winter gentlemen.

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.